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TransCard LLC

Prepaid Company Trans Card

About TransCard

TransCard has been serving clients’ pay card needs since 2004, when it became one of the first pay cards in the marketplace. The product was initially launched to service the trucking industry and the remoteness of

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Visa, Inc.

Visa’s History

With roots from Bank of America’s R&D unit, the Customer Services Research Group, Visa began as the idea of Joseph Williams, who talked bank executives into mass mailing credit cards to a large population in Northern California in the late

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WildCard Network, Inc.

wildcard-networksWildCard Network, Inc. is a privately held company that makes iPhone applications, including applications for managing prepaid gift cards and prepaid phone cards. The company is based in San Diego, California.

WildCard Network, Inc. Information

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Tempo Payments, Inc.



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Tempo Payments, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative payment technology solutions for issuers and affinity partners. The company’s core technology is a scalable platform for “decoupled

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Vesta Corporation


About Vesta Corporation

Vesta Corporation is a prepaid card solutions company with its roots in the world of prepaid telecom cards since 1995. Vesta has brought it’s experience in creating top-up or reload solutions for prepaid phone cards to the prepaid

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XIPWIRE, Inc.Founded in 2009, XIPWIRE is a mobile payment service that enables people to securely send and receive money using a simple text message. XIPWIRE leads the region in mobile payment technology with a strong focus on simplicity and security. Its

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TransCash, Corp.

Transcash Debit CardsTransCash Corporation is a California-based corporation that was established in 2002. TransCash can facilitate international money transfers with substantial savings over existing services. Charles Cohen, CEO of TransCash, explained that the cornerstone of the TransCash Card program

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Prepaid Solutions, Inc.

Prepaid Solutions, Inc.Prepaid Solutions, Inc. is a payments company offering comprehensive prepaid/debit solutions for corporate America, self-banked and under-banked consumers.

About Prepaid Solutions, Inc.
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