Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard

The RushCard Baby Phat Visa is designed for the stylish at heart without all of the hassle and costs of a traditional bank account or credit card. Forget about those enormous check cashing, overdraft and finance charges and fees. The Baby Phat Visa comes with many of the same benefits as a Visa Credit card – recognized worldwide, use for signature or PIN purchases, Zero Liability protection and online account management and bill pay. The Baby Phat RushCard has a fantastic pink design and will look fabulous when you use it while you are shopping.

Review of the Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard

Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard

The BabyPhat RushCard is a fashionable force to manage your money. Anyone can qualify for this card, as there is no Chex Systems or background checks performed upon application. RushCard programs available include the PAY AS YOU GO or PAY MONTHLY plans – Check ‘em out. Here are some of the features of this card.

  • 100% Guaranteed Approval* – No Credit Check
  • Free direct deposit & $0 Activation fee
  • Only card that lets you change your fee plan whenever you want to
  • Free prescription discount card
  • Easy Bill Pay – pay bills, rent, or write personal checks
  • Card to card transfersApply Now!
  • Get the Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard Right Now!

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Fee Examples



Want to know how much the might cost you to use in a typical month? We have crunched the numbers for you! We also show how stacks up against some common alternatives so you can see if you would save money using this card. Please remember — cost should NOT be the only reason why you pick a card — make sure to consider the card’s features (some cards have more features than a typical bank account).
To see different scenarios, change the following variables.

Number of transactions each month Bank of America “Regular” Checking Check Cashing Store
Monthly Fee Once per month $ $ $
Cash paycheck (per month) $ $ $ $*
ATM Withdrawals $ $ $
Bill Payments $ $ $
Online Purchases $ $ N/A
In-Store Purchases*** $ $ N/A
Overdrafts:**** $ $
Total $ $ $

Note: * Based on a U.S. Average check cashing rate of 4.54% (per the Brookings Institution),
**Using the Money Order fees from the U.S. Post Office (Some of the lowest available),
*** We assume that 1/2 of your in-store purchases will be made using your PIN,
****A LARGE portion of Americans experience at least 1 overdraft each Month. Also note that the Check Casher CANNOT buy items online, and must use cash for all purchases.

Fees Associated With The *



Activation Fee: $19.95 Card Limit: $9,999
Monthly Fee: $0.00 ATM Withdrawal:** $
Signature Transactions:*** $ ATM Balance Inquiry: $
PIN Transactions:*** $ Bill Payments: $



* Fees verified as of . Check the Current Terms & Conditions for a list of all the fees.

** Some ATM operators may charge a fee for use of their ATMs in addition to this fee.

*** To use your in a “signature” transaction, select “Credit” when checking out at a brick and mortar merchant. Most internet transactions are automatically processed as “signature” transactions.

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