O2USA Prepaid MasterCard

The O2USA Mastercard prepaid debit card is made to function like a checking account for millions of consumers worldwide that don’t have a traditional banking relationship. The O2USA card also puts the purchasing power of MasterCard in your pocket, not to mention Zero Liability fraud protection as well as FDIC account insurance. There is no credit or background check, so O2USA guarantees you will be approved (see website for details).

Review of the O2USA Prepaid MasterCard

O2USA Prepaid MasterCard

Depositing funds on the O2USA MasterCard is a piece of cake, whether you choose direct deposit, the Green Dot MonePak/Reload Network or even a Bank Wire Transfer. You can also make paying bills and managing your account online a secure, simple and convenient process rather than taking time to make a trip to the post office or paying in person. You can save gas money AND postage!!! The O2USA prepaid MasterCard allows ATM withdrawals or PIN purchases (with cash over) at any Cirrus(R), Maestro(R) or STAR(R) automated teller our retail outlet. Also, when you check out the fee schedule, you will notice that the O2USA Master Card is quite competitive with other prepaid products. Check it out!

Here are some of the fantastic features and benefits of the O2USA Prepaid MasterCard debit card:

  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • Account Access Twenty-Four/Seven Toll Free
  • Ample Load Option via Bank Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit and over 50,000 Green Dot Retail Locations
  • FREE Wireless Text and Email Balance and Transaction Alerts
  • No Finance/Interest Charges that Typically come with a Credit Card
  • FDIC Account Insurance and MasterCard Zero Liability Protection
  • Worldwide MasterCard Acceptance and Access to Cash
  • Unlimited Bill Pay
  • Get the O2USA Prepaid MasterCard Right Now!
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