MetaBank Background Information

MetaBank is one of the largest prepaid debit card issuers in the United States (more than 50% of the debit cards reviewed on are issued by MetaBank). Through their premier Meta Payment Systems division, MetaBank services more than 500 prepaid card programs. MetaBank also serves as a traditional financial and lending institution providing a diverse product offering across several product lines including personal finance, commercial finance, mortgage services and agricultural services. MetaBank has 12 brick and mortar offices located in 4 distinct market areas. Offices include: Central and NW Iowa; Sioux Empire, South Dakota; and Brookings, South Dakota. Meta’s subsidiary Meta Payment Systems (MPS) manages four business segments including: ATM Sponsorship, ACH Origination, Prepaid Debit Cards and other various Credit Products. The unique “Super Community” philosophy on banking has enabled MetaBank to realize continued growth, while in the same breath, keep its community banking roots. Inherent benefits to this mentality are streamlined efforts and rapid decision making at the local level and a more enhanced service package to the customer.

MetaBank Electronic Payment Models

MetaBank’s “Money On The Move” platform is one of the many innovations created to enhance the customer experience. There are four payment systems platforms:

Gift Card Platform

  • Discover gift card purchase at bank
  • Electronic funds sent to Meta from bank
  • Gift card given to friend or family
  • Recipient spends at merchant
  • Discover pays merchant and electronically moves money from Meta

Rebate Card Platform

  • Product bought at merchant/rebate form filled out
  • Rebate processor electronically sends funds to MetaBank to hold
  • Meta sends Rebate MasterCard to customer in mail
  • Customer spends funds on card
  • MasterCard takes money from Meta to pay merchant

Travel Card Platform

  • Visa travel card purchased at bank
  • MetaBank holds funds until needed
  • Customer uses card for travel expenses
  • Merchants paid by Visa as funds taken from Meta

Reloadable Card Platform

  • Consumer buys card at retail merchant store
  • Consumer direct deposits employer paycheck on MetaBank card
  • Consumer buys groceries, clothing, gasoline and other goods and services on card
  • Visa pays merchants/service providers and transfers money to cover from MetaBank

About MetaBank
Stock Symbol: NASDAQ:CASH
Corporate Headquarters: Storm Lake, Iowa
Address: 121 East 5th Street, Storm Lake, IA, 50588-2339

MetaBank Debit Cards

NetSpend Fee Advantage MasterCard NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Fee Advantage Version)

When you are looking for a financially sound, flexible and fast growing prepaid debit card provider, then take a gander at the NetSpend prepaid family of cards. The NetSpend Prepaid Master Card FEE Advantage option gives plastic card customers the benefits of high volume purchase transactions at one low, monthly fee without requiring direct deposit. If you are a low volume transactor, then the “Pay as You Go” plan is more than likely the method you would prefer. “Premier Fee Advantage” also gives consumers a high level of purchase volume with an even lower monthly fee when they sign up for direct deposit.
Read More

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard without Direct Deposit AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (No Direct Deposit)

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard comes in several options. The option reviewed here is the version which does not require that you use direct deposit. Although we typically recommend using direct deposit (where appropriate), we understand that there are situations where you just want a shopping card or want to use a card for “lighter” use than as your primary banking account. The AccountNow MasterCard without direct deposit may fit your needs. Read More

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (Direct Deposit) AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (Direct Deposit)

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard can replace any bank account. When you set up Direct Deposit of your pay or benefits check with your AccountNow MasterCard, you enjoy great savings. Check out this feature packed card right now. Read More

Facecard Prepaid MasterCard

A Facecard is a prepaid reloadable card that can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Getting a Facecard is easy, not to mention VERY low cost (how’s that for cool?). Read More

UPside Visa Prepaid Debit Card - Access Plan UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Access Plan)

If you are looking for a great card with fantastic features and low fees, then take a gander at the UPside Visa prepaid card. This reloadable prepaid card requires no credit check, has free direct deposit, ample loading availability and an awesome check-writing program.
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READYdebit Prepaid Visa (“Select” Plan)

The ReadyDebit folks have designed a prepaid card program that gives their customers the value of choice. READYDebit Visa cards are offered in three categories – The SELECT plan (this review), the CONTROL plan and the PLATINUM plan. READYDebit is committed to providing their customers superior financial products. Traditional big banking bilks billions every year from their account holders with annoying overdraft and other checking fees. The READYdebit “Select” prepaid Visa debit card can assist you in the elimination of those fees.
Read More

Corporate Overview
Recent News Items
  • Buy A Friend the Prepaid Gift of a Safe Drive Home

    During the holiday season, we typically think of buying prepaid cards as gifts for friends and relatives so they can use their gift card at retailers like the GAP, or But what if you could give the gift of a safe drive home? You can, thanks to the Home Safe Card (and you can also support Mother’s Against Drunk Driving or MADD).

  • Club America Soccer Fans: Show Your Support with Prepaid Debit Card

    Club America and Denarii Systems recently introduced the Prepaid MasterCard for its five million fans in the U.S. Market that are united by a passion for soccer. The new launch enables soccer fans to make purchases, pay bills and remit money easily and securely while staying connected to their favorite team.

  • Looking for an Alternative to iAdvance

    Since the Government forced MetaBank to pause the iAdvance product, we’ve received a number of emails from readers who tell us how much they miss the product. So we ask: Is there a good alternative for prepaid card holders?

  • MetaBank’s iAdvance Product Paused by Government

    iAdvance, The popular short term loan product provided by Meta Financial Group (NASDAQ:CASH) and their Meta Payment Systems (or MetaBank) subsidiary has been halted by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) due to alleged unfair or deceptive acts or practices in violation of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act and the OTS Advertising Regulation. The halt was announced in an 8-k filed by Meta Financial on October 12, 2010.

  • NetSpend vs. Green Dot – Do Distribution Channels Matter?

    Today, NetSpend Corporation announced that NetSpend cardholders loaded a record $1.04 billion onto their NetSpend prepaid cards during the month of February 2010. How do those numbers stack up against those recently made public by Green Dot? Do the different distribution channels of the two companies make a difference?

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  • They are a rip off with the no re loadable cards that expire. They don’t reissue a new card and keep what you have on your card. They took me for 80.00. The worst company I have ever seen or used!!!!

    Alice 5 years ago

    • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET A CARD FROM METABANK. It cancelled a preloaded loaded travel card and left relatives stranded in a foreign country. No explanation for the cancellation of the card was ever given. And it took several letters and phone calls to get a portion of the money returned.

      Jill Litton 5 years ago

  • I understand you are the bank that works with RushCard. I have direct deposit that should be on my card by tomorrow this has cause alot of declined transactions and i have no money and no food for my kids. Please assure i get my money.

    Cassandra Nelson 5 years ago

  • What a terrible card! I got a VISA Debt card as a gift and called Metacard’s 800 number to find out how much is on the card. They WON”T TELL ME unless I can give them the zip code of the purchaser!!! I get these often as a gifts from companies and individuals. How would I know the zip code – I must have 5 of these sitting in a drawer. So now I can ‘t use it. Metabank has essentially stolen money from the purchasers by selling them a card that the recipient can’t use unless they keep a record of the zip code of the place of purchase. I’m reporting METABANK to every watchdog and government agency I can!

    Molly James 5 years ago

    • Hi Molly, Have you been to their site and set up an online account for those cards? You can find out how much is on them then….

      Sherry Jowers 5 years ago

  • I’m having trouble with rush card I will contact you in the morning. Have you transfer my money from rush card to account now. So I can pay my rent and put food in house.

    Tina Ferguson 5 years ago

  • I do not understand why you guys have had such terrible experiences with the Pre-Paid Debit Card form MetaBank…I have been with them for a long time (several years) and I have NEVER encountered any problems…My Spouse and Son also have accounts and have never had problems…I have an online account set up so I can see where my money goes and keep up with my money….I have Direct Deposit from my job and my money is always there 2 or 3 days before payday…and I can go to Walmart and add my tip money and it is on my card within minutes….I even signed up for text and I get text whenever money is added to my card…My card was even replaced when it was about to expire and I did not even have to call them….I have never had any problems with CS…I can drop them a note from my Secured Inbox and they will respond with in a day or 2.. I am VERY PLEASED with MetaBank…

    Sherry Jowers 5 years ago

  • I have just had the worst experience with my meta bank prepaid card that I have had for several years, it took me almost a month to get a replacement card when my card expired, I incurred several late charges on my bills because I could not access my funds and all they could offer is another 7 to 10 day wait or I could pay $55 to expedite a card that I would receive in 3 to 5 business days. I couldn’t even have my prescriptions refilled because I had not money. One of the customer service people even answered and asked my to hang up and call back so I could speak with one of the other reps. Wow – even when I requested to speak with a Manager I had to wait 24 -48 hours for a call back, even then that person could not offer any help for me and no other alternative but to wait or pay the $55 dollars even though he admitted that the error was on their part.

    Carol carney 5 years ago

  • What local bank is metabank affiliated with? Bank of America?

    Andrea 4 years ago

  • I agree with everyone who has had problems with metabank.i found unauthorized charges to my card so I called and had then stop the wasn’t stolen or lost and I’m the only person who even knows I have it(obviously not)so the say they issued me a new one.since then,approximately 2 month they can’t verify my address though I have faxed them everything they asked including my tax statement from the it’ thinking they are trying to steal my money.nothing but frustration ,nobody seems to know anything to do and they just give me the runaround..its not much but $200 is more than I can afford to lose

    james novikoff 4 years ago

  • Add me to the long list of people taken advantage of by a MetaBank debit Visa card. My debit card was issued from CooperVision contact lenses. Not only was the card unusable, but after a year they ding you $3 a month until the balance is zeroed out. Supposedly you can still use the card until MetaBank has recovered the full amount but even when using it at a participating sponsor the card is denied upon payment. Not only will I never buy anything affiliated with MetaBank I will not order any contact lenses from CooperVision. I was taken for $60.

    Marcia Bryant 2 years ago

  • I received a debit MasterCard with MetaBank as a rebate from a company, won’t do that again! I went to use it and I was told that there were no funds on it. It says on the card, “Funds do not expire but fees apply” well I guess they took the fees out before I could use it. They have the money, they always have the money but don’t want to part with it for the debit cards!!! Don’t do business with a company that takes out fees even when you don’t use it.

    Carol Schleiger 2 years ago

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