Discount Merchant Gift Cards

Why pay full price? Did you know that you can purchase “used” merchant gift cards (or actually, call them “lightly used”), as these cards typically have lots of value left on them. For example, you might be able to buy a $100 GAP gift card (that still has $100 left on it) for LESS than the value left on the card. Some deals we have found recently include: a $100 American Express gift card for $93. A $100 Barneys gift card for $87. And hundreds of other deals.

Buying Discount Merchant Gift Cards

Discount Merchant Gift Cards are one of the greatest deals around. Buying these cards can save you 20% or more. Plus, shipping is free. That’s right, you buy a card at a 20% discount and also get it free.

It almost makes bad financial sense to pass up this deal.

Here’s an example of how you could use a discount merchant gift card to save a huge amount of money on your next shopping spree. Let’s imagine that you need to buy a big-ticket item at JCPennys (maybe a television, or a washing machine, etc.). The item is on sale for 20% off, but still costs $500. What if you could buy that item for even less? What if you only had to spend $437 to get it?

Well, you could. Here’s what you do. Browse through our inventory of discount merchant gift cards, and find a JCPennys Gift Card (or two or three) that add up to $500. When I checked today, there was one $500 gift card available for $437. Buy the card, and have it shipped to you for free.

When it arrives, simply use the card at the JCPenny’s Website or take it in to the store and use it to buy the item you wanted. By using the discounted JCPenny gift card, you immediately save $63 (over 10%). Add that savings to any in-store savings, and you can rocket your savings to over 30% or more.

How’s that for financial savvy?!

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  • Why does this sound like a scam? Lets see. I send in $437 and “someone” sends me a gift card worth $500.
    That I can use at a specific store.
    This reminds me of the time I spent $20 to buy a Walmart gift card said to worth $40. I took it to Walmart and they said it had 64 cents on it.
    I’d need a lot more information before trying this idea. Another to good to be true scam it sounds like. What recourse would you have? Not mentioned.
    What if you just don’t receive your card? Not mentioned.
    What if JC Penny says this card is valid and it has 64 cents on it? Not mentioned.
    And where do these cards even come from? Found on the street? Stolen from peoples wallets? Going thru trash cans? I mean I know people often let some money on a gift card expire (not a scam but good for the store), but where would these cards come from?
    Oh, btw, do you know where I can buy a Mac Laptop for 19.99? I thought I saw one somewhere but can’t recall where it was advertised.

    just dave 3 years ago

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