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Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank History

For over 150 years, Fifth Third has provided quality financial products and services to its customers. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1850’s, Fifth Third Bank derived from the Bank of Ohio Valley. 3rd National Bank

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Prepaid Resources, LLC

Background Info on Prepaid Resources

In 2007, Prepaid Resources was created by an innovative group of individuals dedicated to providing solutions in the stored-value card spectrum. By focusing on a solutions oriented approach offering to companies looking to increase sales, pairing

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Regalo Prepaid Gift Card

About RegaloCard

RegaloCard is a mobile payments company that has developed a free and instant replacement to money transfer services. RegaloCard uses a “micro money transfer” process which allows consumers to send money to specific users as little

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Stored Value Solutions, Inc.

Stored Value Solutions, Inc.Stored Value Solutions provides custom gift card solutions for prepaid cards, loyalty and B2B applications for a diverse set of clients including retailers, airlines, casinos and e-tailers. As a leading provider of magnetic stripe gift cards, Stored Value

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Store Financial

Store Financial StoreFinancial is an international payment systems processor, program manager, and an industry leader in prepaid card programs specifically designed for unaffiliated merchant groups. Currently, StoreFinancial provides specialty prepaid solutions to more than 500 clients around the globe.

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nFinanSe, Inc.

nFinanSe, IncnFinanSe, Inc. is a financial services company and provider of stored value and prepaid card solutions. nFinanSe developed and operates the nFinanSe Network (a value load and activation platform) that connects with retail merchants and value load stations

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Perfect Plastic Printing

Perfect Plastic Printing is a pioneer in the card manufacturing industry. Founded in 1965, we have been a plastic card manufacturer since the beginning of credit cards. Our long history has provided us the opportunity to produce many industry firsts –

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PSCU Financial Services, Inc.

PSCU Financial Services, Inc.PSCU Financial Services, Inc. is the nation’s largest CUSO (credit union service organization), PSCU Financial Services was formed by credit unions for the sole purpose of providing products and services to credit unions. PSCU has a general

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Plastyc, Inc.

plastyc-logoPlastyc, Inc. is a a privately held US corporation with a principal office in New York. Plastyc’s mission is to provide payment and money management services to anyone between the ages of 13 and 29, and to help companies which need

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