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Tempo Payments, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative payment technology solutions for issuers and affinity partners. The company’s core technology is a scalable platform for “decoupled debit” and “affinity debit” programs.

About Tempo Payments, Inc.

Website: Tempo Payments, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters: San Mateo, California


999 Baker Way, Suite 100
San Mateo, CA 94404
Phone: 650-287-4330
Fax: 650-287-4535

Corporate Overview:

Tempo is trying to revolutionize the debit card market by enabling organizations, both businesses and non-profits, to quickly and easily offer open loop, affinity debit cards to their customers and members. The cards are rewards-based, affinity partner-branded, and linked to the consumer’s existing checking account.

Tempo provides its partners with a Web-based solution that makes it easy to launch and market their programs. The partners benefit by generating new revenue, and building loyalty through the delivery of enhanced cardholder value.

Tempo is behind a number of prepaid debit affinity card programs, including the Arthritis Foundation Affinity Program.

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Corporate Overview
Recent News Items
  • Affinity Debit Cards: Arthritis Foundation Teams with Tempo

    empo today introduced another one of their “affinity debit” programs. The program announced today is a partnership with the Arthritis Foundation in which debit cards (branded as Arthritis Foundation debit cards) can be used by Arthritis Foundation supporters. Each use earns the Foundation a portion of the transaction fees.

  • Sheetz Shoppers Benefit from Reward Debit Cards through Tempo

    The fast-growing, family-owned Sheetz convenience stores now offer a Tempo-powered rewards debit card that customers can link to their existing checking accounts. The new Discover card can be used at over 380 locations stretching across six different states.

  • Checks Unlimited uses Tempo platform for new debit card program

    Direct Checks Unlimited, the nation’s largest direct-to-consumer check provider, will now offer a Special Edition Discover debit card using Tempo’s debit card platform. The cards will be issued under the Checks Unlimited brand and will link to consumer’s existing checking accounts. Rewards will now be offered through Tempo’s affinity debit card platform to users of […]

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