Tango Card Comes Up With a Way to Manage Your Prepaid Gift Cards

tangocard-logoPrepaid gift cards can be great deals – so long as you are able to spend every penny remaining on your card. Unfortunately, if you have several gift cards, it can be a pain to track your balances. A new company (Tango Card) may have a solution for you.

Tango Card recently announced the launch of an iPhone application (the “Tango Card for iPhone” application) that could help you keep track of your gift cards. Here’s what the folks at Tango Card have to say about the app:

With Tango Card for iPhone, individuals capture and store all key gift card information in one place. Once captured, the user always has gift card information at his or her fingertips. Individuals can use this information when shopping online or in stores, they can easily check gift card balances manually using information provided by Tango Card, or they can ask Tango Card to provide card balance updates by email. The user can even use his or her information stored with Tango Card to work with an issuing merchant to replace a lost or stolen card.

If you want to squeak every penny of value from your gift cards, and if you have an iPhone, you may want to check out this app. You can download it from Apple, here.

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