Travelers Abroad Get Break from Kalixa Fees

Kalixa MasterCardSome relief for business and leisure travelers abroad this winter comes in the form of waived fees from Kalixa®. Kalixa®, the prepaid MasterCard® from Vincento Payment Solutions Ltd recently announced that its standard foreign exchange (FX) fee for all point-of-sale transactions (POS) will be suspended for those traveling in foreign countries this winter.

Kalixa® has also decided to pass on MasterCard’s market leading foreign exchange rates direct to the consumer. Consumers should be able to save between 2 and 6 percent on every transaction through January 3, 2011 (based on standard industry fees).

Several other fees have also been waived to assist cash strapped consumers including: the annual fee, the card replacement fee, and the loading fee for those using internet banking. Typically, loading and replacement card fees are quite costly in the prepaid card market. Fees waived by Kalixa® should save consumers 99p per load and ?4.95 for a card replacement. For those banks that participate in Faster Payment Service (FPS), funds can be made available to cardholders the next business day.

Alpesh Patel, CEO of Vincento Payment Solutions, states:

“It has been tough for both business and leisure travelers this year. However, due to the overwhelming success of our summer FX activity, we have decided to waive all foreign exchange fees until 3rd January 2011, perfect for a winter escape. Using a Kalixa® Card abroad has a number of benefits, not least convenience, as well as protecting against card fraud and this latest FX offer is yet another compelling reason to sign up.”

Kalixa® recommends using internet banking online for consumers to get the most value. For further information about Kalixa and the range of products available visit

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