How to Set up Direct Deposit on a nFinanSe Discover Card

Have an nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Discover Card? (or are you considering getting one?)  We highly recommend setting up direct deposit of funds to an nFinanSe Discover card. Regardless of whether your pay is issued by an employer or a governmental agency, there are advantages to choosing direct deposit instead of a paper check.

• It’s safer. You need not worry about cash or checks being lost or stolen.
• It’s faster. You need not waste time in line or making trips to the bank or a check cashing service.
• It’s economical. Check cashing fees can run 3% or more of the face value of your check, while direct deposit to your nFinanSe card is free.

Setting up direct deposit to your nFinanSe Discover card is quick and easy. It takes only minutes. Although direct deposit may take one or two payroll cycles before it is in place, once it is established, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be able to access your money on payday, regardless of where you might be.

How to set up Direct Deposits on a nFinanSe Discover Card for your Paychecks

When your new nFinanSe Discover card arrived in the mail, it should have included a direct deposit form bearing the routing number and account number for your nFinanSe account. If this form is not available, go to, log in to your account, and navigate to the link for direct deposits to print out another one. Give the completed authorization form to your employer.

How to set up the Direct Deposit of your Tax Refund to your nFinanSe Card

All you need to do is enter the routing number and the account number for your nFinanSe Discover card account when you file your tax returns. You have the option, whether completing returns electronically or on paper, to choose the direct deposit option. This is near the end of the return, near the box that shows the amount of your refund. Just fill in the spaces with the information from your direct deposit authorization form. If you no longer have the form that came with your card, go to After logging in, you can find the information you need online.

How to set up Direct Deposits on a nFinanSe Discover Card for your Government Benefits Payments

Establishing direct deposit for government payments can be accomplished in two different ways.

• Online at, a site maintained by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve. In addition to the routing and account information for your nFinanSe card, you may also need to know the exact amount of your last payment and the check number. Some agencies may also request a claim number.
• By mail, when you complete the direct deposit authorization form and send it to the agency issuing your checks.

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