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See my online brocure at You are the Agent on Your Merchant Account and Thereby Eliminating the Saleperson and Putting that Money into Your Doesn’t that sound good for your businesses bottom line? Hello, I am Tim Austin, a referral agent for MatchRate Please call me for more Tel This offer is unique in the industry so please read My brochure is even easier to read than the following text Did you know that you can get money back from your own merchant account? NOW YOU CAN! Our Merchant Partners receive 25% of the commission generated to MatchRate PLUS by their merchant account every month – FOR THE LIFE OF THEIR What You Receive as a Merchant Partner – 25% of the Commission generated to MatchRate PLUS by your account every – Our Partner, North American BANCARD will match your rate of give you theirs, whichever is – A Lowest Rate Guarantee – You will never have to worry about your rates ever When you receive a lower rate offer, fax it to North American They will match that lower rate and we will still pay you 25% of the commission generated to us by your account each and every – North American BANCARD provides FREE Equipment and Cancellation Fee – A “Best in Class” service provider with 20 years of industry expertise who processes 12 Billion annually for 120000 clients nation wid and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


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