Saving on Travel Credit Cards with Your Business

When owning a business, a business owner is always finding ways to cut costs and find ways to save on money. If you’re a business owner and you frequently fly or you send your employees off via the sky all the time, you might want to start throwing those expenses on a credit card designed for travel rewards instead of using a credit card that just gives you the plain old reward benefits.

The nice thing about a travel credit card designed for businesses is that you’re able to gain a lot more points a lot quicker than the average consumer because of the fact that most businesses tend to fly a lot more often than a consumer. Like any credit card reward program, the more money you spend, the more points you’re going to gain.

If a travel credit card sounds good for your business, you’re going to want to look at two things. First, you want to ask yourself if you’re loyal to a particular airline. If you are, you’ll want to get a credit card designed for that airline. Most airlines today have a credit card that is built around their foundation. Form JetBlue to Northwest airlines, you’ll be able to find a travel credit card that suits your needs. If you’re thinking to yourself that you’re not loyal to an airline and you want to just get the airline perks without having to be loyal, then you’ll want to apply for a generic travel credit card.

A generic travel card is based more around the travel industry. It’s not as good as an airline based credit card but you’re still going to get the rewards that are based around the travel industry. Unlike an airline credit card, you’re going to probably get double or triple the points on hotel and airline tickets but then again this all depends on the credit card. Make sure that you read the fine print when you’re applying for the card to see exactly how much you get on what purchases.

If you’re loyal to a particular airline, this is perfect for your business because you’ll be able to get double or even triple the points when you book your flight through the airline with your credit card. If you go this route, you’ll be able to gain free airline tickets fairly quick saving your business a lot of money in the long run. Now, I’m not saying that a travel based card isn’t bad, you’re just not going to get the rewards like you would with an airline credit card. It’s up to you in the decision process to determine what kind of credit card your business wants to apply for.

If you own a business and you fly a lot or you send off your employees a lot, you’ll want to look into these types of credit cards. There are so many applications that your business can look into. Just remember that you read the fine print and be making sure you’re aware of the annual fees because a lot of travel based credit cards do have annual fees.

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