New Prepaid Card Launch by LiveWallet and Matco Tools

Recently, PR Newswire offered a press release describing a new joint venture between LiveWallet and Matco Tools. According to the release, the new Matco Tool Prepaid MasterCard(R) by LiveWallet(TM) will soon hit the streets with the goal of easing the financial burden on Matco Tools customers by combining intelligent money management solutions with a rewards and loyalty program.

The program intent differs from typical gift cards by providing mobile banking, online bill pay, free direct deposit and a robust online banking portal that will allow card holders to link to an existing bank account if desired. It should be noted that no existing bank account is required and money can be loaded at thousands of MoneyGram locations nationwide for a fee. Through the LiveWallet portal, card rewards including an online cash back mall from over a thousand retailers, grocery coupons, a $5000.00 bi-weekly lottery and even the availability of a personal assistance can be utilized.

Tom Hill, CFO of Matco Tools was quoted:

“Today it’s more important than ever to save money. This program empowers our customers to shop, get cash back, save money on their tools and even win. It’s truly unique and we couldn’t be happier to offer this to our customers.”

As debit card rewards programs offered by banks continue to diminish, loyal customers should always be on the look out for financial tools that give them the most value for their money. There are many variables to consider when looking for a prepaid debit card. Be sure to find a trusted source when searching for the right card.

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