Western Union Expands Prepaid Card Offerings with Help from InComm

In a recently announced partnership, Western Union and InComm have joined forces to offer the General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) MoneyWise prepaid debit card, as part of a “go-to-market” strategy. Western Union states that the MoneyWise prepaid card will complement its existing GoCash program, an in-lane money-transfer service offered through Incomm retail partners scattered throughout the U.S. for the last year or so.

Western Union has remarked that prepaid cards continue to gain momentum with consumers, especially given today’s economic climate, and they endeavor to strengthen their customer relationship and value proposition with consumers seeking the convenience of prepaid services. By expanding their product into the mass market retail channel, Western Union can add to their existing 46,000 agent locations and tap into customers utilizing existing efficiently managed prepaid services found at the check out counters of grocery stores, pharmacies, mass merchants and convenience stores.

InComm CEO and President, Brooks Smith said:

“Western Union MoneyWise Prepaid Card brings strategic value to the portfolio of prepaid financial services products, backed with a leading global brand recognized by consumers.”

Besides loading money onto a prepaid card at a Western Union location, consumers can easily load funds via employer Direct Deposit or online using a bank account. Western Union prepaid cards use the Visa and MasterCard channels and are accepted anywhere Visa and MasterCard are recognized. The prepaid debit cards are also protected by the Visa zero liability policy, as well as the MasterCard zero liability policy.

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