How to Set up Direct Deposit on a ACE Cash Express Prepaid Debit Card

It takes only a few minutes to arrange for your paycheck or government benefit payment to be automatically deposited to your ACE Cash Express Prepaid Card. There are several benefits to choosing direct deposit over a regular check.
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• No more worry about checks stolen from your mailbox or lost in any fashion.
• No more time wasted while you make a special trip to the bank or check cashing store and then stand in a line.
• No more check cashing fees of 3-10% since ACE charges no fee for a direct deposit.
• No more trips to work just to pick up a paycheck, or worrying about whether you are home the day your check arrives. Even if you leave town for the winter, you can access your funds from wherever you might be.

How to Arrange Direct Deposit of a Payroll Check to an ACE Cash Express Prepaid Card

Along with the ACE prepaid card you received with your name on it, there should have been a form for direct deposits. It has the bank account and routing information you will need to arrange the deposit. Fill it in and give it to your employer, who will complete the process. If you did not receive a form or need another, you can log in to your account and get one online at You must be logged in to access this page, but once logged in you can just paste the URL in your browser and the form will pop up.

Arranging Direct Deposit of a Tax Refund to an ACE Cash Express Prepaid Card

Many prepaid debit cards, such as the ACE Cash Express cards, work well as tax refund debit cards. When filing your state or federal returns, choose the direct deposit option and enter the routing and account information that corresponds to your card. This can be found on the mailer to which your personalized card was attached, or online at Log in to your account first, and then paste or enter this in the browser box and the form, complete with your information, will appear.

Arranging Direct Deposit of Government Benefits Payments to an ACE Cash Express Prepaid Card

Where payments from government agencies are concerned, it is always best to call them first since procedures vary slightly between agencies. Any special instructions they provide should take precedent over the generic information offered here.

Collect the information you will need prior to calling. You may be asked for the bank routing for your deposit and your account number. You may also need to provide a claim number or the last check number you received, along with the amount. You will need the SSN, name and address of the payee, and the information provided must match what is on file with the agency.

Some agencies will let you make changes over the phone. The most popular numbers to call are:

• 1-800-772-1214 for recipients of SSI or retirement benefits from Social Security
• 1-877-838-2778 for those receiving pensions from the VA
• 1-888-332-7411 for active military personnel

The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department sponsor a website,, where you can enter direct deposit information online. You can also find a complete list of contact numbers for other government agencies.

Handy Tips about Direct Deposits to ACE Prepaid Cards

The card and the check must be in the same name.

Direct deposit may not be in place for your next check. It may take two pay cycles before you receive your first automatic deposit.

If you want to see whether a direct deposit has been received, you can access account information at Online information does not cost you anything.

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