EXACT Prepaid MasterCard

Experience freedom and convenience with the EXACT prepaid debit MasterCard. The EXACT card is accepted anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard. This prepaid debit card offers a diverse set of features and can save you money with no interest fees or late fees.

Review of the EXACT Prepaid MasterCard

EXACT Prepaid MasterCard

Not only does the EXACT card offer a ton of great features, but also has thousands of loading and reloading locations available. As with most cards, direct deposit is one of the most advantageous and convenient. Take a look at some of the fabulous features you can enjoy with the EXACT Prepaid MasterCard:

  • 100% Approval – No credit check
  • No bank account required
  • No interest or late fees
  • Free direct deposit
  • Reloadable online or at 100,000 locations
  • Up to $5,000 balance limit
  • Mobile and email alerts
  • Online Account Management at myExactAccount.com

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  • On EXACT prepaid cards, where are the reload locations?

    Gerald Lofton 1 year ago Reply

    • I have a financial balance card and I would like to purchase an exact prepaid card. Where can I purchase one and where are locations for reloads in Oklahoma city?

      Laura Anderson 1 year ago Reply

      • If you have a Balance Financial card you don’t need to do anything. They’re supposed to send you a new card within 90 days. This notice and the changes should have been sent in a letter through the mail. As of right now their store locator on the site doesn’t appear to be working.

        Rebecca 1 year ago Reply

        • I did receive a letter in the mail detailing the new cards being issued, I used the Balance Financial card on a weekly basis and can’t wait 90 days to receive one in the mail.I would like to go purchase on in person , but having the same issue as other recent comments, no information where to purchase or reload locations listed to inquire…thanks .

          aggie M 1 year ago Reply

    • Hi. You should be able to reload it at any walgreens or cvs. Thats where i go.

      I wont recommend using this account though. My only problem with their bank is they don’t have any fraud protection and my card was hacked once and my new once still having the same problems. I would want to pull out all my money from their bank and open with a real bank. They suck big time.

      Mae Brown 3 months ago Reply

  • Where are the new reload locations?

    Linda underwood 1 year ago Reply

  • Where are the new reload location at Puerto Rico.

    Rafael Nieves 1 year ago Reply

  • Well i never receive any news on mail due to a different address an cant receive card through old address need help please

    jessica adams 12 months ago Reply

  • I must soon know where to reload my card. Almost out of money. Please get that info to me. Thanks.

    Bonnie Stewart 11 months ago Reply

  • I did receive a letter saying I would receive a new exact card in mail never did called balance finacial they helped with me getting an exact debit card

    Waynelee mansfield 11 months ago Reply

  • Believe me when I say ” get a different carrier if possible!!” Had minimal querks with balance financial, the usual, no biggie.This Exact Mastercard (as soon as I can access my money), RIGHT IN THE GARBAGE IN LITTLE PIESES. WAY TO MANY PROBLEMS TO LIST. I HAVEN’T ALL NIGHT. ALMOST BEEN THAT ANYWAY JUST ACTIVATING THE S.O.B. EXCUSE THE. VIAL WORDS. I AM IRRATE!!!!! CAN’T EVEN SPELL I’M SO DISTRAUGHT!!!

    heather gibbs 10 months ago Reply

    • ME TOO. son with this card in europe and it does not work! he can’t get funds off of it yet they say he has not tried to use it.
      they have been very difficult in every way. i am frustrated and worried as he has no cash.

      heatherc 8 months ago Reply

  • I hate this card I called to check on my replacement card an was told that it had already been sent out but hasn’t been activated so they cut my active card off after I told them not to because I had money on it an I would need access to my money then I had to pay 29.95 for a new card to be mailed with express shipping well it’s week 2 still no card so I call back today an I was told my card was sent back to them an they couldn’t give me a reason why so now it’s being resent I just hope I get my new card so I can get my money off an stop my direct deposit for going to this card again I work hard for my money! IT’S MY MONEY AN I NEED IT NOW!!!!!

    Tiff 10 months ago Reply

  • I activated my Walgreens card and had my tax return sent to it only to find out that they say my income tax will be returned to sender, all because of a balance of-$2.95. Are they for real.? I’ve never had such a problem with a debit card. Last year my Netspend card had a balance of a -$18.00. Now I had no problem with that because my refund was there. And they made more because I kept using it throughout the year, I know why I chose to deal with Walgreens and that’s because I paid for my child in college plane ticket to attend her farthers funeral, so they mailed me a card that has only caused Trouble. Now if the idiots that work for exact prepaid could have seen the potential of making money by not shutting down the Walgreens beneficial financial cards so quickly, because instead of making money off of me you gained nothing. Not one dime of my return. Thanks for the headache of rerouting my money when my family could really use it now. Also, thanks for saving me future headaches with your company. I give this debit card “0” Stars for not seeing the potential of what types of customers would actually use your card throughout the year. P.S. I think that transitioning from one company to another at tax time, you guys should have seen the possibility of not just making $2.95 once, but year round.

    Stephanie Young 9 months ago Reply

  • When I got my tax return direct deposited on to my card i was told i had $3000 withdrawal limit a day. That was $500 from the ATM and only $2500 as a cash advance..i hated that..I believe most debit cards have rules like that…but i wanted all my money to purchase a vehicle

    Josie Taylor 5 months ago Reply

  • I love this card. I mean i could go to a real bank i guess but i got this as a gift pre loaded with some money and kept using it after that. My direct deposit works fine.. and i make enough that I’m not fined a monthly fee so that’s great.. the only thing that worried me was they Automatically add 20% to any bill that is a tipping vendor but the good thing is if the tip you left is less or greater it is adjusted accordingly after a day or 2..I’ve never noticed any fees with any transaction and as far as atms i just get cash back from Walmart or any other store that offers that if i need actual cash.. so no atm fees.. not a bad deal

    Athena 3 months ago Reply

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