Facecard Prepaid MasterCard for College Students

This is Facecard’s Teen Debit card. It’s pretty much the same as the regular prepaid debit Facecard, but in this review, we talk more about some of the great parental controls available in the Teen Debit card. A Teen Debit Facecard is a prepaid reloadable card that can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Like the other Facecard, the teen debit Facecard is a great and inexpensive card.

Here’s the New FaceCard Teen Debit MasterCard

Facecard MasterCardHere’s what we like about the new Facecard Teen Debit MasterCard: The Facecard is one of the lowest cost card options in the marketplace today. We like the words “lowest cost”. But check this out – the card is still packed full of features. Here are a few.

  • Instant Guaranteed Approval* – no credit check, no security deposit
  • Free Direct Deposit – easy access to your funds
  • Free Online Bill pay – no more mailing costly money orders.
  • Free Money Transfers to other Facecard members – no more spending money on wire transfers.
  • Ability to use anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted, including ATMs.
  • Receive Prewards, which are like coupons, put directly on your card.
  • Apply For This Teen Card Now!

Facecard has also been hard at work on the parental controls available for the teen debit card. In addition to existing tools, parents can now decide just how much control they want over their teen’s finances. Alerts can be set to know when the card has been used (and where), when someone has gifted their teen, or if their teen is below a certain balance.

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