Student UPside Visa Prepaid Card

This teen debit card is one of our favorites. The team at UPside has really come through again, this time creating a prepaid debit card for teens that has all the features a parent needs to control teen spending, and all the things that teens love (like freedom, great card designs).

Check out the Student UPside Visa Prepaid Card

upsidevisaorangeIn today’s world, parents need to educate their child about financial responsibility. The Student UPside Visa® Card has been designed for families’ needs with all the parental control features that a parent would expect, like online account management and email alerts. It is not a credit card, so your child will not incur any APR or debt. While the card is safer than cash, instant funding provides the peace of mind parents want for life’s little emergencies. With no overdraft allowance, teens and young adults learn how to manage their money and become responsible spenders as they are only able to spend the balance on the card. Parents can reload funds as they see fit with one-off loads or available allowance scheduling. And with no purchase fee or maintenance fee and with free value loads originating from a bank account ACH transfer, it has never been easier or cheaper for parents to give their children a necessary stepping stone to a successful financial future.

  • A card truly designed for the 13-25 age group and their parents
  • Full parental control. Safer than cash.
  • Parents can load the card online from their own credit card or checking account.
  • Instant online funding, great for emergencies when your child is away from home.
  • If your child is in high school, you can set allowances and monitor his/her spending online. Also perfect if he/she is traveling without you.
  • If your child is already in college, he/she can receive free direct deposits from an employer, write checks and most importantly stay out of debt.
  • Apply online now. Only $2.99 a month or $29.95 a year.

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Fee Examples

Want to know how much the might cost you to use in a typical month? We have crunched the numbers for you! We also show how stacks up against some common alternatives so you can see if you would save money using this card. Please remember -- cost should NOT be the only reason why you pick a card -- make sure to consider the card's features (some cards have more features than a typical bank account).

To see different scenarios, change the following variables.
Number of transactions each month Bank of America "Regular" Checking Check Cashing Store
Monthly Fee Once per month $ $ $
Cash paycheck (per month) $ $ $ $*
ATM Withdrawals $ $ $
Bill Payments $ $ $
Online Purchases $ $ N/A
In-Store Purchases*** $ $ N/A
Overdrafts:**** $ $
Total $ $ $

Note: * Based on a U.S. Average check cashing rate of 4.54% (per the Brookings Institution),
**Using the Money Order fees from the U.S. Post Office (Some of the lowest available),
*** We assume that 1/2 of your in-store purchases will be made using your PIN,
****A LARGE portion of Americans experience at least 1 overdraft each Month. Also note that the Check Casher CANNOT buy items online, and must use cash for all purchases.

Fees Associated With The *

Activation Fee:$0 Card Limit:$5000
Monthly Fee:$2.99 ATM Withdrawal:**$1.49
Signature Transactions:***$ ATM Balance Inquiry:$0.99
PIN Transactions:***$ Bill Payments:$

* Fees verified as of . Check the Current Terms & Conditions for a list of all the fees.
** Some ATM operators may charge a fee for use of their ATMs in addition to this fee.
*** To use your in a "signature" transaction, select "Credit" when checking out at a brick and mortar merchant. Most internet transactions are automatically processed as "signature" transactions.

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