UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan)

The UpSide Visa card is pretty close to the perfect prepaid debit card. We love it because the fees are low (some of the lowest available), as well as the great features. They now have rolled out their newest feature – the ability to write and mail personal checks using the card!

Review of the UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan)

UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan)

UPside’s slogan says it all: “the power of a bank account in one card”. This prepaid card really does have all the best features of a bank account and a Rewards program to boot. And NOW – the ability to write REAL checks (and have them mailed for you). Why even open a checking account when you can get this card?

  • Similar to a checking account with a Visa prepaid card.
  • Save up to $220 compared with other cards, the first year alone
  • 100% approval with no credit check and no activation fee.
  • $0.99 monthly fee if $500 is loaded each month. (Only $2.99 otherwise).
  • Free Direct Deposit from employers or deposit cash at 50,000 retailers
  • Write personal checks online: easy to pay rent or other bills.
  • Earn 1,500 cash back reward points for you first direct deposit load.
  • Optional companion card available, as if you had a joint checking.
  • Apply Now!

  • Get the UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan) Right Now!
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