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Prepaid Solutions, Inc.Prepaid Solutions, Inc. is a payments company offering comprehensive prepaid/debit solutions for corporate America, self-banked and under-banked consumers.

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Corporate Headquarters: Darien, IL (USA)
Address: 8001 S. Cass Ave Darien, IL 60561 Phone: 630.652.2545 Fax: 630.916.6872

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Prepaid Solutions, Inc. Corporate Overview
Prepaid Solutions, Inc. WebsitePrepaid Solutions works with some of the world’s leading companies providing prepaid Visa cards, incentive cards, payroll cards and other stored value cards. Prepaid Solutions, Inc. is a payments company offering comprehensive prepaid/debit solutions for corporate America, self-banked and under-banked consumers. Solutions include payroll, general-purpose reloadable, performance, incentive, reward and gift. PPS also provides marketing, design, distribution, and fulfillment services in support of its products. The company’s consumer-based products are available for purchase in more than 2,000 retail stores and are re-loadable at multiple retail networks nationwide. PPS has two locations in Darien, Ill., and Hartland, Wis. Prepaid Solutions, Inc. was formed in December 2009 after an acquisition (by Navigation Capital Partners (NCP), an Atlanta-based middle market private equity firm) of all the assets and liabilities of Prepaid Solutions USA.
Recent Prepaid Solutions, Inc. News Items
  • Eufora, LLC Obtains Patent On Their Prepaid Debit Credit Builder

    On October 27, 2009, Eufora, LLC was issued a U.S. Patent covering aspects of their prepaid debit card “credit builder” features. The patent is U.S. Patent No. 7,607,570 and is titled: “Methods of Establishing Credit”. The patent, apparently, relates to techniques used by Eufora in their Eufora Elite Credit Builder line of cards.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards and Internet Gambling

    Like it or not, one of the popular uses for prepaid debit cards in the United States is to transfer funds to and from offshore Internet gambling sites. Those transfers may be coming to an end, as the date of enforcement of Federal Regulations prohibiting the transfer of funds to illegal Internet gaming sites went into force on June 1, 2010.

  • Green Dot Earnings Call: A Prepaid Card Tutorial

    On August 12, 2010, Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT) had its first earnings conference call. The conference call, of course, included lots of discussion about Green Dot’s second quarter 2010 earnings and outlook. The call also included some excellent information about the prepaid debit card industry. Analysts, investors and others who are interested in covering or better understanding this relatively new industry should listen to the Green Dot Q2 earnings call.

  • Prepaid Debit Plays Bigger Role in Earnings

    Prepaid debit was, of course, a central earnings theme for two U.S. financial services companies that recently went public – Green Dot Corp. (NASDAQ: GDOT) and Netspend Corporation (NASDAQ: NTSP). Other, more established financial services providers also featured a common theme in their earnings: prepaid debit cards are increasingly important to many businesses, including Visa […]

  • Star Network Allows Prepaid Card Reloads at ATM and Point of Sale

    enable load and reload functionality at participating ATM and POS locations. The expanded transaction set includes activation, load/reload and split tender purchases – with PIN-security and the associated reduction in fraud built in. The new STAR RELOAD service icon denoting load/reload card capabilities will be displayed with the STAR brand on participating cards, merchant point-of-sale and ATM locations.

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