Acculynk To Provide Internet PIN Debit Function for Spirit Airlines

AcculynkAcculynk today announced that their “PaySecure” product will be integrated into the Internet checkout process of Spirit Airlines. The PaySecure product allows consumers to pay with debit cards using PIN debit.

While PIN debit has some disadvantages to prepaid debit card users (such as higher fees in some instances), many consumers prefer the security of PIN debit. Also, consumers are familiar with using their PIN during debit card transactions.

Acculynk’s PaySecure product allows consumers to use their PIN during Internet transactions.

Spirit Air will add PaySecure to its online checkout in 2010.

Spirit Air states that:

PaySecure aligns well with our overall value proposition, which is greater choice – whether in fares, ancillary services or payment options – that truly benefit our customers. With the trends pointing to debit card growth, now and in the future, it makes a lot of sense for Spirit to offer PaySecure which provides our customers more security for their debit transaction.

PaySecure will be integrated directly into the Spirit Air Internet checkout flow, and will appear as one of the payment options when the consumer’s debit card qualifies to be used with the service. Transactions will be processed using existing payment connections, and Spirit Air will gain immediate benefits from lower transaction fees, and reduced fraud and charge-backs.

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