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giftcards-logoGiftCards .com recently announced a new “group gifting” program that allows a group of family or friends to share the cost of Visa gift cards for an individual or organization. Because everyone can contribute, the giving capacity is greater, allowing the group to give a much larger gift than could be given individually. - Always The Right Gift®
The new group gifting program can be used in a number of different fun and exciting ways. For example, a family can join together to give a group gift for a college graduate. Each participating family member could contribute money to the group gift, providing the college grad with a larger total gift. The grad will enjoy the ability to use the gift at any retailer that accepts Visa cards (which is pretty much everywhere).

Group Gifting at GiftCards. com is easy to do. Customers simply define the group gift with a goal and expiration date, and identify the recipient. The program even allows customers to set up a widget, and place it on a social network account. To create even greater awareness, customers can create a personal website for friends and family to view.

“Our customers are really excited about the Group Gifting Program,” stated Jason Wolfe, CEO of GiftCards. com. “The program allows everyone to contribute and work toward a common goal. Everyone has a part in what becomes a very special gift.” - Always The Right Gift®

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