Prepaid Debit Cards Used to ‘Pre-Pay It Forward’

For the more socially conscious shoppers, it feels good to give while they buy. Checkouts counters at countless stores offer consumers the opportunity to donate to various charities as they pay for their purchases. This whole process is now being streamlined by Mike the Pike Ventures’ acquisition of ServeNation, LLC.

ServeNation defines its services as a “micro-giving platform featuring prepaid stored value ServeNation gift cards and a ServeNation General Purpose Reloadable Debit card, which allows consumers, businesses, and nonprofits to turn their everyday spending into effortless giving to worthwhile causes worldwide.”

Mike the Pike Productions (MTP) executives saw the potential behind the ServeNation concept, but felt its original model lacking in marketability and mass applicability. They unanimously saw ServeNation’s services as a business model, which, with a brand new strategy in effect, could revolutionize fundraising as a whole, while creating a socially conscious profit mechanism like no other in the prepaid industry.

“The formation of ServeNation, Inc. allows for us to keep everything we saw as beneficial and separate those attributes from anything that would potentially obstruct what we see as a major success upon launch,” MTP CEO and President Mark B. Newbauer stated. “ServeNation,, prior to the acquisition, was a business model with too much inventory and bulk purchase requirements for our taste, and a market appeal limited to the brands of its gift cards. It did, however, have just enough concept to ignite the creation of what we feel will be a micro-giving concept like no other, to produce millions in fundraising for charities and nonprofits while generating similar profits for the company and its shareholders. The new model includes streamlined processing, minimal inventory, backend processing partners, and unlimited appeal.”

The ServeNation concept and its slogans, such as “Pre-Pay It Forward” and “Give While You Live” are under common law trademark as the company prepares for a global launch. The card will be loadable via online portals, mobile technology, and hard locations worldwide. Updates on official domestic and international launch dates are forthcoming and the MTP team is underway on revamping the company’s website ( in line with its new logo and corporate culture toward mass appeal.

Mark B. Newbauer formed Mike the Pike Productions in 2009, originally focusing on feature film development and production as well as concert and event promotions. “Projects are initiated by MTP only when our commercial prospects are reasonably assured and the investment risk overall is minimized,” Newbauer states on the MTP website ( “Partners take hands-on responsibility for personally evaluating content, budgets, historical data, current trends, branding, talent, crews, and venues quickly while minimizing overhead and bureaucracy. Further, we always strive to stimulate economic development wherever we produce.

“Last but not least,” Newbauer concludes, “Mike the Pike Productions aims to set an example in a highly profitable industry in committing to donate a percentage of producer profits … to foundations and organizations we believe to be progressive and beneficial to our global community.”

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