Prepaid Debit Visa Launched By nFianSe

nfinanse-prepaid-visanFianSe adds an exciting, stylish new offering to the world of prepaid debit cards. The new card is deep gold and stylish metallic blue, designed to attract the eye of discerning shoppers. As Mike Gustafson, the Creative Director for Fifty Eight Advertising who designed the card said, “We wanted it to ‘pop’ when you saw it on the retail display feature.” In addition to its pleasing appearance, the card also offers numerous other positive features. For example, the reloadable Visa prepaid debit card offers what the company believes to be the most affordable value in the prepaid market.

The cost of the card is $3 and there are no purchase or transaction fees. The monthly maintenance fee of $2.95 allows customers unlimited transactions. Loading additional funds is also an inexpensive $2.95, unless you use direct deposit, which is free. Even withdrawing cash from an casino online ATM is an $1.50, lower than the fees many standard banks charge when you use a non-branch ATM.

All fees are clarly printed on the packaging so customers can easily see the great deal that they are getting with this new prepaid debit card. Other perks include 24-7 customer service, free text message alerts, and the availability of balance information after each purchase.

The combination of style and substance makes this card a great option for the estimated 100 million adults in need of a prepaid debit card.

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