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Sallie Mae Credit Card Review

Last Reviewed: 2/4/2012

Note: I am no longer able to find the Sallie Mae credit card offers on their website, so until I learn otherwise, I will assume this credit card is no longer being offered.  If anyone knows otherwise, please drop me a note!

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Discover Motiva Credit Card Review

Last Reviewed: 11/29/2010

The Discover Motiva credit card is aimed at the ultra-profitable segment of the credit-using population that pays their minimum balances each month, but nevertheless carries a balance.  Remember, credit card companies essentially make little or no money on cardholders who pay their balances in full each

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Best Cashback Credit Cards

Last Updated: 5/14/2013

While there are some amazing airline and hotel loyalty credit cards out there, there’s something special about pure cash back credit cards that’s spiritually appealing to our inner capitalist selves. Out with black-out dates and annoying

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