An Honest Review for ‘Jumping into Plyometrics: 100 Exercises For Power & Strength’

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First practiced by the dominant Eastern Bloc athletes of the 1970s, today plyometrics has become a mainstream form of training used by serious athletes around the world. The reason is that plyometrics offers athletes at all levels a proven, straightforward way to enhance their athletic abilities and to get an edge on the competition.

This second edition of Jumping Into Plyometrics presents 100 illustrated plyometric exercises in seven categories:

– Jumps-in-place
– Standing jumps
– Multiple jumps
– Box drills
– Depth jumps
– Bounding
– Medicine ball exercises

Excellent for both recreational and elite athletes, the exercises can be used to improve quickness, speed, and jumping ability while also helping to develop better coordination, body control, and balance.

This edition includes the latest research on plyometric training, a new layout with a much-improved format for drills, and sidebars on star athletes who have benefited from plyometrics. Plus, author Donald Chu-who has worked as a consultant for the United States Tennis Association and for teams in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association-gives you instructions and examples of how to choose from the wide selection of exercises to build the ideal plyometric training program for your chosen sport.

Jumping Into Plyometrics is the most complete book ever written on this form of explosive power training.


While this book is geared towards helping athletes from any sport streamline their conditioning to gain more power through explosive movement training, it’s also filled with great exercises that can be done by any advanced exerciser. A knowledgeable workout veteran can even tailor these moves to be for less advanced exercisers, and what better way to reach your next level of conditioning than with plyometrics? It’s a form of training that has taken a lot of heat for being too risky or damaging to the body, but he presents such an incredible variety of moves you don’t have to put stress on your body to get results. If you have problems with your knees, back, etc there are still plenty of great, challenging moves for you to use. The book also does a great job of teaching you about how muscles work and how plyometrics effect them so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Since exercise is as much mental as physical, this will help you progress further and reach higher levels of fitness. A really great book for athletes, weekend warriors and exercisers who need a jump start in their routines.

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