Prepaid Technology Experts Team Up With Leading Prepaid Bank

Mar 12, 2012 – A subsidiary of The Bancorp Bank (NSDQ: TBBK) called The Bancorp Bank Payment Solutions Group announced today a partnership with Swift Prepaid Solutions where Bancorp will issue plastic prepaid debit cards through Swift’s innovative technology platforms.

According to their website, Swift Prepaid Solutions are leading edge technology experts that continue to raise the bar for prepaid payment solutions. In addition to cutting edge technology, Swift devises unique and original solutions that drive new success in prepaid. Such prepaid solutions cover all four major network brands including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express in a wide variety of offerings such as traditional open-loop or closed-loop plastic cards, virtual cards and promo codes. Delivery of the product can be accomplished through a batch delivery, bulk shipment or via email. Surfing through the website, it appears that customer goal satisfaction and flexibility are Swift’s main priorities.

Jeremy Kuiper, Managing Director of Bancorp’s Payment Solutions division said:

“Swift Prepaid is a driving force in the loyalty, promotion and incentive card space and is at the forefront of prepaid innovation. We are pleased to announce our relationship with Swift and believe that the strength and commitment of The Bancorp will be a great complement to the Swift product offerings.”

Braven Imai, President and CEO of Swift also stated:

“Bancorp is an ideal issuing bank for Swift. By aligning with Bancorp, we have chosen a partner that will greatly enhance Swift’s prepaid programs.”

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