Question/Answer: Bought a vanilla visa prepaid gift card today, just to order items starting to doubt it’ll work..?

You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘Zach’ who asks:

I got a vanilla visa prepaid gift card today at wal greens, and wanted it specifically to make orders online. The gift card I got today was titled, “Online Shopping Vanilla Visa Gift Card”, so it seemed pretty obvious to me that would be the one I wanted. The value at the top was selectable from 25-500. Before the purchase, I read all the information on the back, and it also stated that it was “usable wherever visa debit cards are accepted.” So, I thought this seemed pretty awesome, no credit card needed to do some simple online shopping, just gotta use the gift card. I put 110 dollars on it, and they charged the activation fee and gave me the receipt. I wanted to make sure it worked so I got a bottled water and some lotto tix as some gifts to the family, it didnt get declined (when checking on, shows still pending), and they had me sign for it, although none of my info had been registered to the card. The cardholder agreement that came with it stated that if I wanted to do online, phone or catalog orders, I would need to register my “name and address” to the card on their website before ordering. When I did it, it only asked for the zip code, nothing else. After searching online, I have seen many horrible reviews about these cards, and I am concerned that there may be no help for me to be able to order online, because I believe that the online stores generally check the name and address on the card to make sure it matches up. I am aware I can not do anything with paypal also to place an order with this card, but I would like to know where it can be used at online, since it is looking as if most places will decline it due to no name on card. I just called their customer service line (which everyone says really sucks and can not get anyone to answer the phones, yet I got through at 1:45 am the morning after Christmas), and I asked him about this, and told him what the agreement stated about name and address, and he asked for card number, exp date and id number..he told me that the card was activated for internet orders, and I had already registered the zip code and that was all I needed..asked him some sites available that this card can be used on and he said “I can’t say”..Then got off. I would love to know what exactly I should expect or if there is a way to register this card so it has my name..or if there are any sites anyone knows will accept these cards..?

Answer: Go to and click on Vanilla Visa Gift Card and put the number in the box on the right. After that’s done, you will see an option to add information and add your information. Then the card should be activated with your information.


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