Another Celebrity Prepaid Card Endorsement Coming Out

Feb 02, 2012 – In a recent Associated Press release, Mango Financial, the innovators behind the Mango MasterCard prepaid card announced a multi-year, celebrity-focused marketing campaign featuring popular Latino George Lopez. Lopez is known for his cross-media talents in stand up comedy, radio, TV, books and film. Mango, no doubt wants to utilize Lopez’ popularity with the Hispanic market and their attachment to the prepaid industry.

Although success has followed Lopez through almost every media genre, he is probably best known for his efforts as writer, co-creator, producer and lead actor of the George Lopez show that was more successful in syndication than in prime time even though the series endured six seasons. Lopez was born and raised in a Mexican American household in California and through his comedy, has examined race relations between cultures in America.

In a 2002 Census Bureau supplement, Hispanics of Mexican origin represent over 66% of the total Hispanic population, while the remaining 33% originate from Central America, South America, Puerto Rico, Cuba and others. As market share for these and other prepaid demographics continues to climb in the U.S., Mango appears poised to capture a good deal of it.

According to the Mango website, the Mango MasterCard is a card with a low fee structure, as well as some added features not found in many other prepaid cards. Some highlights include – no activation fee, no purchase fee, no credit check, smart phone apps, an attached savings account option, free customer service, an instant virtual card, free balance checks/text alerts via mobile device and no bank funds transfer fee. Another benefit worth mentioning is that the $5 monthly maintenance fee can also be credited to customers loading or direct depositing $500 or more each calendar month.

Whether you are considering the Mango MasterCard or any other prepaid card, compare, do your homework and read the terms of conditions before you commit. Make sure it is the right card for you.

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