How to Load Money onto a Netspend Card

A NetSpend card is a prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard that you load with cash and then use like a regular debit or credit card. There are many ways to add cash to your new NetSpend prepaid debit card.


You can have your payroll check deposited directly to your NetSpend card. You do not have to deposit the entire check, although you can. When you receive your card, you will receive a form with a bank routing number and account number that is specific to your card’s account. Complete the form and turn it in to your company’s payroll department, and they will take it from there. If you need another form, you can print one out at the NetSpend website.

You can also use your income tax refund to reload prepaid cards. Whether you e-file or send a paper return, there will be a place for you to select direct deposit and enter the bank routing and account numbers. For federal tax returns and most state tax returns, you do not need to complete a form, merely provide the numbers.

Social security or other government benefits can also be direct deposits to your NetSpend card. NetSpend prefers that you either complete an application online or call their customer service department to arrange direct deposit of government benefits.


If you receive online payments through Paypal, you can have the funds transferred to your NetSpend card. It will function as a bank account for the purposes of withdrawing funds. You just need to enter the routing and account numbers to start. Paypal will make two small deposits of under $1 each to test the information. You can log in to your account at NetSpend in a couple of days and when the deposits come in, you enter the amounts at the Paypal site. This confirms your bank account.

Money can also be transferred by using a debit card tied to a bank account. It can be your own account or relatives can use their bank account to add funds to your NetSpend account. There is a fee for reloads of this type. However, there is no charge for reloads made directly from a checking or savings account unless your bank imposes a fee for this type of transaction.


Many retail stores and check cashing services can reload prepaid cards. You can find a location by visiting the NetSpend site and entering your zip code to find reload centers near you. Fees vary, so you should look for a nearby location with the lowest fee. To add funds in this manner, you take the cash and your NetSpend card to the reload center. After paying the fee and the amount of cash you wish to load on your card, the center transmits the information and your funds are made available.

You can also purchase reload packs at most reload locations and also at some retailers that are not full reload centers. These are similar to gift cards in that they are normally a predetermined amount. You buy these and then activate them online for instant access to funds. These can be used as gifts for NetSpend cardholders since you do not need the actual card to purchase one.

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