Loading Funds On Your Prepaid Card with MasterCard’s rePower Network

MasterCard_LogoMasterCard is starting to aggressively support prepaid debit cards. One way they are trying to dominate this space is by making it easy for MasterCard prepaid cardholders to load cash onto their cards. They’ve recently rolled out the MasterCard “rePower” network.
The MasterCard rePower network is a load network for prepaid and gift cards that have the MasterCard logo on them.

The MasterCard rePower Load Network is a new service from MasterCard that allows you to add money to your eligible MasterCard or Maestro® prepaid cards at any of the thousands of participating retailer locations throughout the U.S. With MasterCard rePower, your money is immediately available for you to spend anywhere that Debit MasterCard or Maestro Prepaid Cards are accepted.

Here’s how the rePower network works.

How to Reload
Simply visit a participating retailer with the cash you want to add. (you can search for participating retailers here).

There are two methods to reloading your card, depending on which the retailer supports:

  • The Card Swipe Method
    At locations that support this method, your card is swiped and the load amount is entered at the register. Your cash load will be instantly available.
  • The Green Dot® MoneyPak Method
    At locations that use Green Dot MoneyPaks, simply purchase the MoneyPak in the amount of the load you want to make. Then follow the instructions on the MoneyPak to complete the load to your card. Your cash load will be instantly available.

Eligible Cards
To find out if your MasterCard or Maestro prepaid card is eligible for this service, look for the MasterCard rePower logo on the back of the card or contact your card issuer.

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