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unirush-rushcard-logoUniRush, LLC is the company behind the RushCard line of prepaid debit cards, including the popular Baby Phat Prepaid RushCard, the KLS RushCard as well as the Pink, Purple and Black Diamond RushCard line.

The overriding theme presented by the UniRush folks is to help provide basic financial tools to the millions of Americans that currently cannot or will not establish a banking relationship with a traditional institution. According to UniRush, they have opened the door to countless unbanked individuals and families across the country and been a leader in the industry as well as pioneered several programs that now are a part of many prepaid product offerings. Some of these include being a forefront partner in bringing Visa and MongeyGram to the prepaid market, initially providing check writing services to customers, establishing direct deposit programs and being the first prepaid card to include online account management (for balance tracking, budgeting and expense analysis).

As economic constraints bind many consumers hands, prepaid products like the RushCard have given many the flexibility and purchasing power of a network branded card while not having to worry about accumulating debt and outrageous interest charges that come with many credit cards. Bank account overdraft fees and exorbitant payday check cashing fees can add up for many people that do not possess a traditional bank account. Prepaid card operations like RushCard can assist those needing help getting their financial world in order and eliminate most if not all of those ghastly charges. Also gone are the demeaning credit qualification hoops that lending institutions put their customers through. A simple one-page form can be found online for the RushCard that only requires basic name, mailing address, contact info and a social security number to sign up for a card. There is no credit check or income verification initiated. If you provide the basic information requested, then you should be approved.

As a hip hop mogul that has redefined popular culture, Russell Simmons is the brain child of not only UniRush LLC, but also established or served several other institutions including Rush Communications LLC, Simmons-Lathan Media Group LLC, Russell Simmons Music Group, Phat Fashions LLC, Island/Def Jam Recordings (a division of Universal Music Group), Def Jam Enterprises LLC, Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc., Hip Hop Summit Action Network and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Russell is also a renowned public speaker that engages regularly with various institutions and audiences that include not only community and corporate leaders, but students of all ages.

About UniRush, LLC
Stock Symbol: Privately Held
Website: http://www.rushcard.com
Corporate Headquarters: Cincinnati OH, USA
Address: UniRush Financial Services
PO Box 42482
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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UniRush, LLC Corporate Overview
UniRush, LLC WebsiteUniRush, LLC was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons. The Prepaid Visa RushCard provides instant access to a set of basic financial services for over 48 million Americans who could not previously establish traditional banking relationships. RushCard empowers cardholders to take control of their financial futures. It’s an easy-to-use and convenient alternative to credit cards, traditional banking, and check-cashing services – without the worry of going into debt, overdrawing an account, or incurring costly fees. Cardholders enjoy the freedom and security of having a prepaid Visa card to make payments, track day-to-day spending, build a positive credit file, and manage their monthly finances. Russell Simmons and the RushCard have been featured on 60 Minutes II, CNN, CNBC, Fox National News, PBS, NPR, The New York Times Magazine, and the covers of Business Week and Fast Company magazine.
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