Tax Refund Cards

A Consumer’s Guide to Tax Refund Cards — Learn How to Use Prepaid Debit Cards to Get Your Refund FAST!

Tax Refund CardsCan you afford to wait to get access to your tax refund? If so, this Guide may not be for you. If you need your refund as soon as possible (and don’t want to pay the high fees associated with Refund Anticipation Loans), then do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read this Guide.

The Guide is available both online (follow the chapter headings below) and as a PDF if you want to read it offline. If you’d like to stay up to date with any changes or updates to the Guide, please provide your email address and we’ll send any changes directly to your email inbox.

Read the Tax Refund Card Guide Online

Download the PDF Guide to Tax Refund CardsPart 1: Why Should I Use a Tax Refund Card?

Part 2: What is a Tax Refund Card?

Part 3: Who Should Use a Tax Refund Card?

Part 4: How to Get a Tax Refund Card.

Part 5: How to Use a Tax Refund Card.

Part 6: Our Recommended Tax Refund Cards.

Part 7: Cards for Independent Tax Preparation Services.

Part 8: Tax Refund Card FAQ.