Three New Extra Features Added to Prepaid Vision Visa(R) Cards

Feb 22, 2012 – Yesterday, PreCash, Inc., a national leader in payment processing services announced three new value-added features to intice more prepaid customers to their Vision Visa prepaid debit card. For many un-banked or under-banked customers who can not or will not use traditional checking accounts or credit cards, PreCash is offering extra services such as roadside assistance, optional interest bearing savings and cash back for gasoline purchases (see website for details and restrictions).

According to the release, the added features are currently available to all current Vision Visa prepaid cardholders. The savings account is optional and pays a competitive interest rate of 5.65% APY (see website for details). National Motor Club is offering up to $75 coverage for flat tire fixes, unlocking cars, gas delivery and jump starts.

Mia Mends of PreCash stated:

“Like Americans with banking relationships, prepaid customers want optional services associated with their cards. PreCash developed these features: a savings account for people to plan for the future, roadside assistance to provide them with comfort in the case of car emergencies, and cash back on gas purchases to reward them for using the card.

Although not predominantly offered with all prepaid cards, value-added extras are becoming more and more noticeable in many prepaid programs these days. The recently announced American Express Prepaid Card includes some of the popular added extras also found on their successful credit card platform. The Mango MasterCard offers not only an optional savings account, but investing tools and renters insurance programs. The READYdebit Visa card family has free online bill payment, free mobile banking and a free credit “ScoreTracker” with their prepaid products.

Be aware that many of these value-added platforms can come with higher or additional fees. Always check out resources available to compare prepaid debit cards and select the best card for you.

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